What will happen to the display of goods in new retail stores?

In the new retail, it is not difficult to find more and more high-tech products, which means that some traditional retail stores will face closure if they do not transform. So for the traditional retail store, how can we survive in the new retail environment?

Any one of the retailers is aware of the importance of the product display, and it is also clear that a good display can bring an increase in the overall turnover within the shop. In fact, the display of the commodities in the new retail also needs to follow some basic principles of display: neat and full, first-in-first-out, clear in classification, easy to fetch, arrange orderly, the front of the commodity information is facing the customer, the clear code list price, and the like. The display of commodities is based on these principles to be changed and innovative so that the purchase needs of different consumer groups can be met.

So where can innovative changes be made in the display of goods? The most concise and clear is the display of props on the change. For the display of goods, we can not only use some pop price tags, stickers, signs and other props, but also use some automatic display props to help businesses solve the problem of goods in the store, shortage of manpower. Especially for cigarette shelves, snack shelves, daily necessities shelves, freezers and other aspects of goods, we should be chosen to use. The convenience of retail technology is visible, and more retail stores are also using it. If you are also thinking about it, try to experience it at the retail fair.

In general, when choosing to use display props, different commodity shelf vendors should choose the right one instead of random selection, and not all goods should be used in the same automatic display props. The range of automatic display props such as smoke thruster, shelf thruster and freezer self-weight slide are also different. In order to achieve good display effect in new retail, we need to choose suitable display props. Shenzhen, as the leading city of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, China's innovation center, the world's largest retail equipment and the electronic industry distribution center, has created a new retail industry event, which greatly facilitated the buyer to visit the factory after the exhibition, and to reach a high-efficiency purchase after the pre-store factory. At the same time, Shenzhen has become a black horse in the new retail market by virtue of its concentrated entrepreneurial talents, the young consumer group, the vigorous consumption potential and the good market layout, and drives the big-bay urban agglomeration to embrace the new retail.The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will be held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in 2020.2.24-26. The Shenzhen International Retail Technology and Design Exhibition will hand in hand with a high-quality enterprise in the industry, embrace the development of the industry, and win the traditional retail trend New retail industry upgrading new opportunities!